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Richard C. King was a hero to many.  He was all about the values of accomplishment, doing the work and caring for his family.  He worked multiple jobs and became a highly sought-after plumber, even being hired by some amazing celebrities such as Ray Charles and Sidney Poitier.  He later moved his family from Los Angeles to Evergreen Alabama in order to give his family a safer healthier life.  He later became the director of the Evergreen Housing Authority where he reinvented the image of low-income housing.  He renovated the projects and built a completely new development which became the nicest development in town.  Despite the attempt to  live a healthier lifestyle, there were some crucial pieces missing.  He was later diagnosed with Pancreatic Cancer and given 4 months to live. He went through an extremely invasive and painful procedure and spent an entire month in the hospital.  Guided by his son, Dr Linell King, he decided against chemo and checked into the Optimal Wellness Clinic in San Diego together with his son.  During the short time there he and Dr King learned more about health and wellness than all the years of Dr King's medical training combined.  But unfortunately it was too late.  The cancer was too advanced.  It was at that time Dr King made a promise to his dad that he would not let anyone else suffer or die because of a lack of knowledge.  The RCK Foundation is created because of that promise made from a son to his father.

Richard Clinton King

Nov 11, 1931 - Nov 15, 1999

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